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Tank Lining Services

Tank Lining

Hot & Cold Water Tank Lining

As long as steel has been used for potable water storage, linings have been used to protect it from corrosion. Historically, some of the different types of linings included lead-based paints, coal tar epoxies, and vinyl ester products.
Tank Lining
Bolted tank

Water Tank Lining

We have revolutionized tank lining for the wastewater, potable water and fire suppression water industries. With a high build rapid cure spray application, your concrete, steel, fiberglass or laminate tanks receive a thick bonded monolithic coating that can add structural integrity to failing tanks.

Bolted and Welded Steel Tank Repair

Rust destroys steel tanks! Our process and Polyurea linings create a thick fully bonded, monolithic lining that completely covers interlock seams, bolt heads, and weld seams. We can restore your bolted and welded steel tanks to exceed their original design specifications or retrofit them for new uses.
Steel Tank
Water Tank

Chemical Tank Lining

The right kind of lining will protect your tank from chemicals like Hydrochloric acid (HCL) and sulfuric acid. Tank linings can extend the life of vessels or retrofit them for new uses. These linings can require different materials based on the nature of the chemicals, concentrations, temperatures, and other factors. Polyurea Delivers superior corrosion protection and resistance against adverse chemistries such as gasoline, JP3, diesel, crude oil, condensates, brine water, hydroxides, solvents, peroxides, salts, lye and various other harsh chemicals.

Petroleum Tank Repair and Lining

SIL offers numerous linings for your petroleum based needs. Whether it’s gasoline, diesel, avgas, jet fuel or heating fuel we are highly experienced and skilled in the lining of petroleum tanks.

Fiberglass and Laminate Tank Repair

The need for professional fiberglass tank repair and maintenance services has increased fivefold over the last twenty-five years. Due in part to the rapid growth of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks used in chemical plants, waterworks, and wastewater treatment facilities, on-site potable water storage systems, and other commercial and industrial applications. SIL lining process will not only give you a leak proof tank it can add structural stability to weak areas of mass produced fiberglass and laminate tanks.

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