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Primary Containment Services

Primary containment is the main means of preventing leaks and spills in direct contact with the substance during normal operation. Our polyurea products and services resolve primary containment issues with a monolithic approach. Our coatings are water—and chemical-resistant and can be applied at a minimum thickness of 1/8 in.

The goal of any primary containment strategy is to ensure the containment system itself can withstand the substances it holds without failure. This is where our leak prevention system comes into play. Crafted to create a solid, unbroken barrier, our polyurea coatings safeguard against the potential escape of materials. They attach seamlessly to various base materials, including but not limited to metal, concrete, and more, creating a secure and sturdy containment method. When considering solutions to prevent tank leaks, the adaptability and strength of our primary containment coatings are crucial.

These coatings are not just applied; they are custom-fitted to the specific needs of each containment scenario, taking into account the substance’s chemical nature, the environmental conditions of the storage site, and the container’s material. This ensures a perfect match between our solution and your containment requirements.

The process of applying our primary containment coatings is streamlined and efficient, ensuring minimal interruption to your operations. These coatings are designed to endure harsh temperatures and resist various chemicals, offering a durable barrier against leakage and spillage over time.

By choosing our primary containment solutions, you’re opting for a system designed to meet high safety and durability standards. Our expertise in applying these coatings means you get a reliable leak prevention system that protects your operations, helps you comply with regulations, and shows your commitment to environmental safety.

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