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Containment Services

Tank Lining

Primary Containment

Primary containment is the main means of preventing leaks and spills in direct contact with the substance during normal operation. Our polyurea products and services resolve primary containment issues with a monolithic approach. Our coatings are water and chemical resistant and can be applied at a minimum of 1/8in thick.
Tank Lining
Bolted tank

Secondary Containment

At SIL, we know the stakes are high when it comes to maintaining code and environmental standards in containment situations, which is why we provide a variety of solutions to fit exactly the needs of each unique job.

Sealing secondary containment basins to ensure harsh chemicals never leech into the surrounding environment is a smart investment that helps ensure your resources are protected. In addition to sprayed-on polyurethanes, polyureas and hybrid protective coatings, SIL offers 100% solids (Zero VOC) polymers as well as conventional high solids, epoxy coatings and primers that can be sprayed, rolled or trowel-applied to prepared concrete, geotextile, fiberglass, metal or earthen substrates. Let us be your best line of defense to prevent spills.

Potable Water Linings

SIL offers numerous linings that carry the NSF 61 approval for application in drinking water. We also have the certification and training to safely assist in cleaning and bringing your newly coated application on-line
Steel Tank

Wastewater linings

With our high build chemical resistant coatings we have become a favorite in the wastewater industry. Wastewater is one of the most severe environments any coating could endure. Polyureas are perfect for these environments with their high chemical resistance and extremely tough durable nature they can withstand these environments much better than previous coatings.
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