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29 Stores, 8 States: Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia
When Kohl’s called Southern Industrial Linings, they needed repairs to 29 storefronts in eight states. The schedule was tight - only three weeks, working mostly at night, no weekends, and everything had to be cleaned up each morning before the doors opened.
A tall order, yes, but even with inevitable weather work-arounds, our three crews did a great job and finished on time.

The job called for repairing corrosion to Kohl's signature steel "eyebrow" over their entry doors.
We ground off all of the old corroded coating, primed, and recoated with our corrosion-resistant polyurethane.

At some locations, the "eyebrow" was supported by steel columns and we repaired them, too.
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