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Transportation Applications

Ambulance floor
Animal control van interior
Bakery delivery van floor
Beverage trailer lift gate
Biomedical waste-hauling truck
Boat dock
Boat trailer surface
Bulldozer bucket
Bus roof, wheel wells, floor and underbody
Car hauler surface
Cargo trailer interior
Carpet cleaner van interior
Cement mixer, cab and chute
Combine cutter head
Commercial truck cab
Dock box floor and exterior
Dump truck floor, walls and exterior
FedEx van rear cargo area
Ferryboat deck
Fertilizer truck bucket
Fire truck water and storage compartments
Fish stocking truck holding tanks
Fishing boat exterior
Flatbed bed
Food delivery truck floor and lower walls
Gas transport vehicle bed
Glass transport truck components
Golf cart
Grain hauler floor and walls
Hi-cube trailer floor
Horse trailer floor, walls, fender and leading edge
Houseboat deck, walls and engine compartment
Jet ski interior
Livestock trailer floor and walls
Luggage compartments
Manure spreader components
Passenger/rail car floors
Passenger van roof and interior
Postal Jeep
Pumper vacuum interior and compartments
Racing vehicle trailer floor, walls and ramp
Raft aluminum floor
Railroad lumber cars
Railroad tanker cars
Refrigerated butcher shop van interior
Refrigerated delivery van interior
River raft storage boxes
Sailboat floor, walls and interior storage areas
Salt spreader
Semi-truck engine cover
Snow equipment
Street sweeper interior components
Street vehicle bed and walls
Tank trailer floor
Tip-up utility vehicle bed
Tow truck bed
Transport van floor and ramp
Utility cart interior
Utility truck interior
Water softening delivery truck components
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