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Industrial Applications

Slurry Tank Mixing Paddles With Epoxy Ceramic Leading Edge
40-foot metal sea container
100-gallon bead polisher interior
Above-ground storage tank
Acid treatment facility I-beams
Aqua-culture tank interiors
Cinder block secondary containment interiors
Coal mine shower walls and floors
Conveyer belts
Conveyer rollers, idlers and pulleys
Cooling tower interiors
Crate interiors and exteriors
Cylinder nail-polishing machine interiors
Electric control box exteriors
Exhaust fan surfaces
Factory roof and water tank exteriors
Fiberglass pipe exteriors
Floatation docks
Food processing facility floor and walls
Forklift fork covers
Frac tanks
Fuel oil tank exteriors
Gas cylinder exteriors
Gasoline storage tank repair
Hazardous waste handling components
Hazardous waste incinerator plant floor
Hopper interior and exterior
Lettuce tube vacuum chamber floor and components
Liquid processing chamber interior
Material chute interior
Mechanical galvanizing tumbler interior
Mixing paddles with ceramic leading edge
Mover’s storage container exterior
Parts bin interior
Pipeline interior
Pipeline spools
Potable water tank
Poured concrete secondary containment interior
Refrigerator drip pans
Sandblasting facility walls and floors
Seaweed processing tank
Settling tank interior and exterior
Sewage tank exterior
Slurry reservoir interior
Slurry tank interior
Steel holding tank
Storage bin interior
Storage container
Vibrating chute interior
Vibratory, de-burring/polishing component interior
Water tank interior
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